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Commercial-Retail Product Manufacturer for $5,010,809. $882,927 ebitda & $2,875,526 balance sheet.

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Business Location and Business Sector


British Columbia, Canada ( Greater Vancouver Area )

Primary Business Sector

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries

Sale Price and Terms

Purchase/Sale Price

Balance Sheet Value $2,875,526 57.4% of Sale Price
Goodwill Value $2,135,283 42.6% of Sale Price
Purchase/Sale Price $5,010,809 100.0% of Sale Price

Terms of Sale to Qualifying Buyer

Down Payment/Cash to Close $4,010,809 80.0% of Sale Price
Vendor TakeBack Balance $1,000,000 20.0% of Sale Price
Purchase/Sale Price $5,010,809 100.0% of Sale Price

Sale Information

The business of the Company is the Manufacture, Importation, Installation, Service and Repair of a varied line of durable (non-perishable) hardware products.  Imported product is largely that which are ordered to our own specification.  In-House Manufacture and Fabricated product include that of the Company's own proprietary line of equipment as well as the unique design and manufacture/fabrication of custom product to customers’ specifications, and the installation, service and repair of same.  As well, we purchase and resell various products from other local manufacturers and distributors. Our major product lines are Imports, (which we generally call Standard) and In-house manufactured, (which we generally call Custom), although there is some crossover. The products we purchase locally and resell, we call Dropship, and if you find this business of sufficient interest to go so far, you will see these descriptions in our financial records.

Since Jan 1, 2012 through May 31, 2017; 5Yr 5Mo sales have totaled $39,474,000.  Purchases made by our top 500 customers have accounted for $21,221,000, equal to 54% or of total sales.  Over the period, we have sold product to 17,250 customer accounts; 6,200 of whom have made purchases of $1,000 or greater; 800 of whom have made purchases of $5,000 or greater. 

  • $7,166,303 average annual Sales (over the last 5 years)
  • $ 882,929  average annual Earnings; *ebitda (over the last 5 years)  *ebitda - earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & amortization.
  • $2,875,526 balance sheet (net asset value) included in the Sale, $2,099,501 of which is net working capital; cash, inventory, accounts receivable, minus accounts payable.

Our market is largely two part; Retail and Commercial. Our retail customers includes both repeat customers and one-time customers.  Repeat customers include Dealers (resellers), Public Entities (cities, towns, clubs, schools, etc.,) and many Private Individuals.  Our commercial customers are largely repeat customers.  Since 2012, the split between the two has quite consistently been 52% Retail and 48% Commercial.

Our sales are accomplished largely through our websites and trade shows, both in Canada and the USA.  And our customers include both Canadian and US, who contact us generally via website, telephone, email or post and whom we contact largely in follow-up with respect to the above contacts.  We have very few walk-in transactions.

The current owner/seller has other business interests and now, after at 16 years in this business, would like to sell in order to concentrate full time and efforts on the other business endeavors.

The business is relatively non-technical and does not take an industry specific individual to run and grow this business.  It takes a person with good business acumen and a business background, and one with some sales and marketing experience and acumen would help.  The company has a very good team of employees.  Very light turnover and the technical know-how is well in place with these employees.

Anticipating that any buyer will be asking for the current owner's continued involvement at some level for a reasonable period of time following the close of sale to any buyer, in order to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and control and to assist the buyer in learning the business operations, the current owner is fully prepared to provide such.  His hope and plan is to be totally free from this business within a year or so, although with other business interests in the area, he has no plans to leave the area and would continue to make himself available beyond that time, on an as need, if needed

Contact Information

For Further Information, please make email contact with persons provided herein and be prepared to enter into (sign) a Confidentiality Agreement with regard to such information.

Business Broker/Agent

davidsonashe. inc.
A Professional Business Brokerage

Primary Contact

Richard Allan

Alternate Contact

Desmond Sandes
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