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Business Location and Business Sector sought by this Buyer


British Columbia, Canada
The Buyer will consider a Business, even if it is located in a poor location for the Buyer, provided it might be reasonably relocated to the Buyer’s preferred location within the Region.

Buyer's First Choice(s)

Lumber and Wood Products, except Furniture
Industrial, Commercial Machinery
Fabricated Metal Products

Buyer's Second Choice(s)

Rubber, Plastics Products
Fabricated Textile Products
Sporting, Athletic Goods

Buyer's Third Choice(s)

About the Business Wanted by this Buyer

I would be fine with virtually any "not too highly technical" manufacturing business.  I am not a chemist, or an engineer of any kind, but am an experienced businessman in my mid 40s with 18 solid years business experience. I am quite a hands-on, mechanical type of business operator and am ready, willing and able to roll up my sleeves, get dirty and learn quickly about the business I will be purchasing.

Manufacturing products and processes could include wood, metal, fibreglass, plastic, vinyl, fibre materials, glass ... almost anything that I would be able learn about with the assistance of the current owner and others currently employed by the business, and who would presumably stay with the business post sale

I prefer business to business sales and marketing, but would probably not exclude an industrial or commercial retail business.  And, I'm sure there will be businesses out there that I haven't even thought of at this point, so let me just say that I am a businessman interested in good profitable business enterprise with a future.

Types of Business Not Wanted by this Buyer

I think I am probably not ideally suited to a highly technical business. Neither am I looking for a machine shop or a mechanical repair shop.  ... but at the same time, a friend of mine bought a business a couple of years ago that he had absolutely no interest in looking at, until he saw and understood the numbers and the potential, so I'm not going to rule out a whole lot at this point.

Price Range and Terms of Payment wanted by this Buyer

Ideal Purchase Price, Revenues and/or Earnings (buyer's expectations)
Buyer is searching for a Business-for-Sale priced between
(min) 2,000,000
(max) 6,000,000
with Annual Sales/Revenues ranging between
(min) 5,000,000
(max) 20,000,000
and with Annual Earnings/Profits between
(min) 500,000
(max) 1,500,000
Terms of Payment and Financing Arrangements (buyer's expectations)
Buyer's own Cash available to Close
(min) 500,000
(max) 1,500,000
Commercial Financing (bank or other third party) anticipated
(min) 1,000,000
(max) 3,000,000
Vendor Take Back (aka Seller Financing) anticipated
(min) 500,000
(max) 1,500,000
Other Form(s) of Financing (… see comments, if any)
(min) 0
(max) 0
About the Buyer's Background

I have owned and was the primary operator of two businesses over the past 17 years; one from 2001 to 2011, and the other from 2009 to 2016.  I purchased both when they were in a bit of financial trouble and was able to turn them both around and grow them quite substantially.  I sold one of them in 2011 and the other in 2016, and both businesses continue to do well.  One is a manufacture/fabricator of metal products; equipment, The other an industrial service centre. Neither in the BC lower mainland.

About Pricing and/or Terms

I want an established business with a proven earnings record and I'm prepared to pay a fair market price for it.  I have financial capabilities, including cash on hand and good banking relationships.  I can and will act quickly, once I've found the right business.

I am prepared to commit myself financially, but will be looking to keep the seller interested and involved for a while, with some vendor financing as well.

I would also be open to a buy-out over time, if the current owner wasn't quite ready to just quit and go away; to quite ready to retire perhaps, but might see me as a good opportunity to help provide the way to step out at the right time.

Buyer's NetWorth (Balance Sheet) and About Buyer's Ability to Pay

Available Cash
Other Current Assets
Real Estate Assets
Other Long Term Assets
Total Assets
Current Debt
Other Current Liabilities
Mortgage Liabilities
Other Long Term Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Net Worth/Net Balance Sheet
About Buyer's Net Worth Statement/Balance Sheet

Current Assets include market investments that are ready cash.  Long Term assets include longer term investment and the unpaid balance of the Vendor Take Back financing I provided on the sale of my last business.

About Buyer's Ability to Pay and Other Comments

I have the ability to buy the business I am looking for and am prepared to prove that, and the content of the Business Wanted Ad, to the right owner of the right business, at the right time.  I am a serious, ready, willing and able buyer.

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